VOW Understanding the Times Podcast

VOW Understanding the Times
An in depth look at the bible through technology, science, mathematics,biology and what the Bible says about the times we live in today. God has written History before it happened and let us examine the impact on our lives today. I AM the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. From the visible to the invisible things, there is intelligent design and God's fingerprint is all around us. This approach comes combining the latest discoveries and insights and line it up to the Word of God in a fresh and living way. This is the only truth forever settled by the Creator of all things. www.voicefromthewilderness.com
Create In Me A Clean Heart Episode 1

God is the Master Heart Surgeon. He can take a heart of stone, perform open heart surgery and create a new heart that is sensitive, full of Love and alive through the Holy Spirit… A new spiritual heart for a new born again creation.
The design of our anatomy, our heart and lungs are remarkable. The complexity and simplicity thereof and how this lines up to the Word of God so perfectly. This series bring a fresh look at the Bible and the design of the cardiovascular & respiratory system of every believer.. The blood cleansing of Jesus and the breathe of the Holy Spirit. Truly amazing how our  design lines up so perfectly to God’s word. With this fresh understanding we can truly live a quickened and overcoming life as a New Creation in Jesus Our Messiah.
The Parable of the Sower has been quoted and taught many times. But when we line it up to the design of the 4 chambers in our Hearts.. it really makes supernatural sense. God’s Word is so rich and alive and when we realize that every Word is a seed. An incorruptible seed that God will bring increase in His season and time. The understanding of the corrupted seeds and the roots thereof , which so often hold back what God has promised for you and allow you to bring breakthrough in every circumstance though the seeds of God in your and your families life.
The anatomy of a wheat seed, its structure and the process of removing the chaff. What is the threshing floor and the refining process? What is the millstone to refine and purify that grain? The recipe to make a loaf of Bread to nourish and the Bread of Heaven to bring eternal life and nourishment. Also the storing of Grain for the next season to sustain and bring provision for you continually, Season after Season.

Session 1: The Chambers of my Heart. The Cardiovascular & Respiratory System of the Spirit