The Mission of the Church

2Ti 3:16  All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 

2Ti 3:17  That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works. 

What is our mission statement ?

  • For doctrine – Foundational doctrine laid by the apostles of the lamb (Rev 21:14, 1 Cor 3:10-23, Eph 2:18-22)
  • For Reproof – Apologetic’s (Defending and contending for the Faith and the Gospel to Unbelievers and within the church)
  • For Correction – Apostasy (Biblical correction away from apostasy { falling away from the Truth},falsehoods, heresies, commandments of men, doctrines of demons (Occultic practices, Mystical practices, Gnostic revelation, Eastern Religion/ Pagan practices, extra biblical revelations of doctrine), correcting errors of doctrine, lifestyle within the members of the body of Christ to return to the truth of Almighty God alone)
  • For Instruction – Discipleship (Biblical discipleship through mentorship based on principles in the Word of God alone. Growing up in Christ spiritually , hence the inner spiritual man, the new creation.. from spiritual babies who only drink milk to spiritual maturity of Men and Woman in the body of Christ.. into the meat and being able to digest the meat.. Uncompromising Mature Christians being established, strengthened and settled in their Faith, rooted and grounded in the Agape unconditional Love of God.. Not only to Almighty God but to each other.. True Fellowship in Peace and Unity in all our works and deeds)

Foundation on Sound Doctrine

  • The belief in the Trinity( God the Father, Jesus the Son, the Holy Spirit of God) Their Names, Their Titles, Their Attributes, Their Character, Their Roles, Their Authority
  • Completed Work of the Cross Jesus Christ, The Gospel of Jesus Christ (1 Cor 15: 1-4)
  • Salvation, Sanctification, Justification, Redemption, Adoption and Inheritance in Jesus Christ
  • The completeness of Holy Spirit as in the day of Pentecost in our church (7 fold nature of the Holy spirit Isaiah 11:1, Zecheriah 4, gifts, fruits and workings of the Holy Spirit throughout the fellowship and community, Healings, deliverance from bondage and sin, prophecies, tongues, words of knowledge. All of Him!! Not for our own benefit but for the needs of our community. the pure Word of God, the Gospel was always followed by miracles and signs, demonstration of Gods Power. God gets the Glory every time!! Testimonies to the power of the Gospel and change in the lives of individuals.
  • God Changes Lives ( Not just a touch but true change) with a transformation and renewal into the perfect will of God and Mind of Christ, dead men shall rise power. Purity of prayer, purity of worship, purity of message from the heart of God, purity of Holy spirit, Unity and love the binds us all and never fails in one accord!!
  • Role of the Church, The Bride of Christ (Marriage to the Lamb of God, Jesus our Bridegroom)
  • The Covenants of God and the Law of God.. The Covenants made with them into which we are grafted in as gentiles ( Marriage Covenant, Abrahamic Covenant, Davidic Covenant, Messianic Covenant, the role of the Jews and the Nation of Israel/ Compared to the role of the church)
  • Biblical Faith in Jesus Christ, the GREAT I AM {Established, settled and strengthened Faith, Blessed eternal Hope in the promises of God of things present & things yet to come and Agape Love Of God } Faith Hope & Love

The Mission Statement for the Church today in Jesus Christ

Evangelical Mission – The Gospel, Outreach, Missionary work

  Save the Lost and those Dead in Sin to True conversions through repentance and confession of sins and salvation of sinners through Jesus Christ Alone is always our Primary Goal. The greatest gift at the ultimate cost for all who believe, the Power of God.

There is nothing more precious than a human soul to God and the great responsibility to carry the Gospel out, daily, in our comings and goings, wherever we go.

Preaching the Gospel is a passion an obsession, not a profession. Paul was a man driven, a man of passion, he was afflicted, persecuted, whipped, stoned, shipwrecked,jailed and ultimately his life. This Apostle, the least of the apostles to the gentiles, gave everything He had. He died daily in the flesh that Christ might live in Him, to witness to all, to preach to all, to defend the Gospel to All. His lifestyle

Fellowship Mission – Discipleship, Mentorship, Teaching, Pastoral over the flock

Preparation of the Bride without spot or blemish, Ready for His return. With our Lamps full of Oil, being the Light and Salt of our community. A sanctuary and refuge for the poor in spirit and the needy, Feeding the hungry, Healing the sick, Equipping the Saints, Growing the Saints into Maturity in Christ.

Fellowship in supporting each other through edifying, building up and encouraging one another, being there for each other, Loving one another in the best of times and the worst of times. Doers not just hearers of the word of God, actively involved, following His commandments.

Pressing on together as a fellowship with one single minded purpose. Jesus our Lord, Our King, Our Saviour! True revival in this community, not just for a season or time but forever. Changing lives through our example of Love, Speaking the Truth(word of God), not from the belly or opinion. Different from the world, separated from the World, only dependent on God’s provision alone

A city on the Hill for all to see! We are the Ambassadors for Jesus, Servants for Jesus. Our duty is to serve the needs of our community, most importantly providing support for our evangelical mission, Mentoring and growing the babes in Jesus up, Feeding them spiritually, so that they can stand firm one day too. From generation to generation, covenanting our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren into the Kingdom of God through prayer and holding onto the promises of God in the process.

Prayer Mission – Prayer meetings, Pray without ceasing, Responsibility to pray privately alone with God, Pray communally with other believers

The spiritual strength and breathe of the church is only as strong of the prayer meeting and the prayers of the saints, this is our offensive weaponry… It seems like we have to defend, defend, defend.. But this is where in the heart of prayer the defensive lines are drawn and go on the offense through spiritual warfare. The type of prayer include:

  • fervent prayer
  • passionate prayer
  • desperate prayer
  • groaning prayer
  • righteous prayer
  • uncompromising prayer
  • Not giving an inch kind of prayer!

Praying Gods will into existence here on earth in our community. We will not be meek or mild in our prayer. God does answer shopping list prayer but specific targeted prayer, the type of breaking the chains prayer, bringing salvation and deliverance prayer, persevering and not ceasing patient prayer.

Most importantly the heart of prayer is one of the highest form praise and worship to Almighty God.. Praise and Glorification of God through prayer (Being taught so much about this at the moment). These men and woman of prayer prayed thru for hours,days,weeks, years until they felt in their spirit the joy and peace of God in each circumstance(in His presence is fullness of joy) and in this presence, hearing the voice of the Holy spirit, the voice of our God.. softly..

In this place is where the sermons are born by inspiration of God through the heart of God, through the anguish, the agony, the tears.. to the joy, delight and Hope!!

The height and the depth and the breadth of Prayer, praying thru time itself and reaching into eternity where Almighty God is, where Jesus is mediating / interceding for us until He returns. The time of prayer for the jews in the temple was the 9th  hour… the world was in darkness for 3 hours from the 6th to the 9th when Jesus was crucified and died on the 9th hour

Praise & Worship Mission – God delights in the Praises of His people

Praise- Edification, Exaltation, Celebration, Joyous declaration, Singing with our instruments, musical and voices and dancing with Joy before Him. Praising His Names, His Title, His Authority, His Character

Worship – Private uncompromising worship, Drawing our hearts near to Him Alone, Focused on Our Almighty God and Saviour Jesus. Intimacy in the Heart of worship, Knowing Him and Loving Him. A DEEP worship that reaches into the heart of GOD from our hearts. Sacrificing our desires and desiring Him worship and Surrendering worship. Bowing down before His Awesome Majesty, His Glory, His Power, His Mighty Works!

The true heart of Worship is Silence! Be Still and know that I AM GOD. There are different types:

  • Listening Worship
  • Being Led by the Holy Spirit Worship
  • Heavenly tongues worship
  • Breaking the Chains worship
  • Deliverance worship
  • Weeping Worship
  • On our faces / knees worship
  • Gratitude / Thankfulness Worship
  • The Highs and the lows and intimacy with our Creator and Saviour, Jesus

The same applies here as prayer, they are very closely linked, The height and the depth and breadth of Praise and Worship